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this is me. NOT ALL OF ME. but. a good perspective of the person I am and destined to be.

Following Jesus is my life. I have committed myself to Him. This rode is not easy but with his guidance....I am Ok :) ...I LOVE seafood. the color green & purple. cooking. working out & getting myself back into shape. shopping (addicted to shopping actually ;))). laughing. Im sure you'll figure other things out that Im interested in through this blog....Hope you like ;)
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THAT is a fucking quality photo. That is something actually worth reblogging. Beautiful.

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Weekend Workout: BOOTY MURDER!

This is an intense BOOTY & CARDIO workout that will target your glutes, thighs and burn tons of calories. Murder is RIGHT.

Time: About 30 minutes, including warm up.

Equipment: Weights optional, 5-10lbs recommended. You’ll need a mat, water, a chair or bench and a timer.

How To Do It

Warm up for 5 minutes. (Squats, jog in place, walking lunges, jumping jacks & dynamic stretching for about a minute a piece).

Complete the exercises in two ways…

  1. Complete each section, rest 30 seconds, and repeat the section before moving on.
  2. Complete all exercises in order, then repeat the whole circuit.

Stretch afterwards, you’re gonna feel this tomorrow!

Modify the moves when you need to (tap down for balance, reduce range of motion and take breaks).


Single Leg Toe Touch To Reverse Lunge

A. Balancing on one leg, pull your opposite knee up to hip level. Bend your standing leg slightly at the knee as you lower both hands to the floor - you can use weights (or a medicine ball) here. As you lower, the lifted knee will move back (as shown) and you can straighten it as you lower, or keep it bent at the knee. Use your core & your glutes to lift yourself back up & return to balancing standing position.

B. Keeping your standing foot planted, step the lifted leg back into a reverse lunge. Hold for a beat, then return to balancing position. Try not to touch the lifted leg to the floor and remain balanced on your standing leg throughout the movement. Repeat.

Form: Keep knees on top of your toes, put your weight in the heel of the standing leg, and tighten your core to help with balance. Tap down anytime you need to find your balance.

Butt Kick Runs

Like a run in place, except try to lift your heels towards your booty, kicking them back and contracting the hamstring. Lift as high as you can (some people can’t reach their bums, some can) and move quickly to get the heartrate up. No weight required.

Hop Ups

From a standing position, step one leg slightly behind you and bend the front knee until you’re in a semi lunge/squat. Your weight should be about 80% in the front heel, 20% in the back heel - use the back leg for balance. Hands at your sides, hop up on the front leg, bringing your back knee up towards your chest. Find your balance before you hop, land softly with the jump, and use the front leg to power yourself up. Replace the back foot and repeat. Use weights in your hands to increase the difficulty.

See video demo here.


In a table top position (all fours), bend the knee at 90 degrees and left up & out to the side. Keep your shoulders in line with your hands, and keep the knee off the ground as you repeat. Try to keep your belly button pointed down towards the mat, and only lift up to hip/back level. When lifted, your thigh should be as close to parallel to the floor as possible. Repeat on the same side.

Hip Raises

Lie down on your mat, back flat, knees bent, feet planted on the floor. Lift your hips towards the ceiling as high as you can. Relax your shoulders and chest, and pulse your hips up, then lower back down to the mat. Squeeze your glutes as you raise them.

Advanced: Alternate straightening one leg as you lift (one legged hip raise). Alternate with each raise, or do 30 seconds on each side (gotta keep it even!). Add three pulses at the top of the raise for added difficulty.

Step Ups

Using a chair or bench. Step one foot on to the chair, and lift yourself up, raising the opposite knee to your chest as you lift. Put your weight in the heel of your stepping foot, and push through the heel to lift yourself up. Replace the opposite leg to the floor, but keep the stepping leg on the chair. Repeat. (weights in your hands for added difficulty)

See video demo here, but eliminate the extra squat.

Standing Leg Extentions

Using the chair for balance if you need it, bring your feet slightly wider than hips width apart, and lift one leg out and to the side. Contract the glutes and outer hips as you lift and lower, and try not to swing your torso from side to side. Keep the standing opposite knee slightly bent, and try not to tap the leg to the floor (unless you need to for balance). Repeat and hold the leg up for 1-2 beats per lift.

Quick Feet

In a slightly squatted standing position, open your legs wider than hip width apart. Trying to keep your core steady, pump your feet in small run/shuffles in place. Go as fast as you can, keeping the squat position and keeping your core steady.

Advanced: Hold dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest. One hand on each end.

Triple Pulse Squats

Like a normal squat, but pulse up and down (1-2 inches) three times before coming back up to standing. Keep feet about hips width apart, and push your booty BACK and not directly over your toes. Weight should be in the heels of your feet, and knees should not go past the tops of your toes (wiggle them to check and look down to make sure you’re in the right position). Squeeze your glutes as you stand and repeat.

Kill it!

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I wish there was a pinkberry in toronto! 


I wish there was a pinkberry in toronto! 

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i love reblogging white icecream

ooh i know that you mean

agreed !

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Original #Redtails

Get a glimpse of the real Tuskegee Airmen that served the U.S. military during World War II. They were also know as the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps.


Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade cover February Issue of ESSENCE. Gorgeous pic of these two!! So cute <3


Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade cover February Issue of ESSENCE. Gorgeous pic of these two!! So cute <3



Barack lettin Michelle know how it’s gonna go down tonight. She likey lol


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